Confused about proposed subsidies to Fresh Direct?

Confused about proposed subsidies and Fresh Direct? You're not alone!  It is a common misperception that the deal with Fresh Direct is a done deal. This is fueled, in part, by a February press release put out by city and state officials two days before a public hearing on the city subsidies proposed to Fresh Direct. In fact, the State has yet to hold a public meeting on this proposal.

Below is Good Jobs New York's explanation to the Daily News published May 3, 2012: 

"Block that deal"

[Manhattan:] Thank you for highlighting the FreshDirect proposal as an example of subsidies that too often fail to provide good-paying jobs (“A growing food war,” April 29). However, your readers may be led to believe this is a done deal. In fact, just $81 million in city benefits — not the $127.8 million you cite — has received preliminary, not final, approval. And a hearing for the state portion of proposed subsidies has yet to be announced. Taxpayers look forward to your reporting on the announcement of that hearing.

Bettina Damiani, Good Jobs New York 


We have combed through various public documents to try to determine a summary of all the proposed subsidies for Fresh Direct's potential move to the South Bronx. We will update as more information becomes available, including an anticipated hearing on the state level. Read through public documents on the proposed project.

Fresh Direct benefits table


See related public documents, meeting minutes and testimony from public hearings, news highlights in our section on Fresh Direct.