Eye on Hurricane Sandy Recovery Money

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HUD Announces winners of the Rebuild by Design competition - $920 million to be distributed to six design projects

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development announced six winning projects of its Rebuild by Design Competition.


GJNY Launches Eye on Hurricane Sandy Money database

Today, Good Jobs New York launched our Eye on Hurricane Sandy Money database to help boost transparency about how much and which government agencies have allocated Hurricane Sandy funds in New York City. The database will be a useful a tool for many New Yorkers including those working at community-based organizations, elected officials, journalists and anyone advocating for a fair and equitable rebuilding. 

Learn more about GJNY's Eye on Hurricane Sandy Money Database


NYC opens comment period for proposed changes to use of Sandy funds

New York City opened a 30-day comment period for proposed amendments to its Action Plan for Sandy CDBG-DR funds. The deadline to submit comments was recently extended to March 2. Three public hearings that were cancelled have been rescheduled and are listed below. Check the NYC Recovery page for further details.



Transparency Tip: NYC Recovery website includes CDBG-DR funded contracts

Transparency Tip  The NYC Recovery website now includes information on CDBG-DR funded contracts, including solicitation documents and sample contracts, and maximum contract CDBG.


Transparency Tip: The U.S. GAO status report on allocation of $13 billion federal DOT for Disaster Relief

The U.S. Government Accountability Office released its status report on the progress of federal Department of Transportation allocation, obligation and disbursement of $13 billion of funds through the Disaster Relief Appropriations Act .


Transparency Tip: Map feature on NYC's Sandy Funding Tracker

A map on the New York City Sandy Funding Tracker website displays by borough the total number of Build it Back registrations, awards pending and progress towards construction completion.