Monthly Subsidy Alerts

Monthly Subsidy AlertTo help promote the monthly public hearings at the New York City Industrial Development Agency and other agencies that allocate economic development subsidies, GJNY created a monthly email “subsidy alert”. The email has information about upcoming hearings of subsidized development proposals as well as news about current projects. On this page you will find a history of public hearing notices dating back to 2002.

In addition to our monthly listserve, as of 2010 you can sign up to receive public hearing notices directly from the Industrial Development Agency.

Thanks to increased transparency measures at the IDA, all current project applications and cost/benefit analyses are available to the public twelve calendar days before the hearing. Project materials are posted on the website of the New York City Industrial Development Agency and on the GJNY website when they become available. If you need a hard copy of the materials or plan to make a statement at the hearing, please contact the public records access officer at or call 212-312-3598.

Also, thanks to improved transparency efforts at the IDA, public hearings and board meetings are now available as streaming audiocasts for three days following each meeting. Audiocasts are found on the IDA Public Hearing page of the EDC website.


Subsidy Alert: December 2015

In the public notices this month: Eastern Effects, Inc. 5 Bay Street, LLC, Meushar 34th Street LLC (A Hudson Yards Commercial Construction Project), H.E.L.P.-Bronx and H.E.L.P. Social Service CorporationThe Packer Collegiate Institute, and Staten Island Aid for Retarded Children, Inc


Subsidy Alert: August 2014

There are no public hearings for the New York City Industrial Development Agency, or BuildNYC Resource Corporation in August.


Subsidy Alert: July 2014

In the public notices this month: Cubit Power One Inc., Sean-Sakie Holdings Ltd/Gotham Seafood Corp., Hudson Yards Infrastructure CorporationOnForce Solar, Inc., Bais Ruchel High School, Inc.Horace Mann School,  Institute of International Education, Inc., New York Methodist HospitalPratt Paper (NY), Inc.

To learn how the Board of Directors voted on these projects, see the agency board books here.


Subsidy Alert: April 2014

The New York City Industrial Development Agency and Build NYC public hearing will be held Thursday, April 3 at 10:00 am. The public hearing will be held at 110 William Street, 4th Floor, New York, New York 10038 (Fulton St.