Database of Deals

Database of Deals

Good Jobs New York’s Database of Deals brings together over 40,000 subsidy deals from the New York City Industrial Development Agency (IDA) and the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation (LMDC), and the New York City Department of Finance.

How to Search : You can search using one or more of the following data fields:

  • Company: search will show any firms that begin with the letters or words entered
  • Subsidy Program: use the dropdown menu to choose one of the subsidy programs
  • Year: use the dropdown to limit search results to the year a company was awarded a subsidy
  • Borough: narrow down subsidy recipients by a particular borough
  • Awarding Agency: chose IDA or CRC, Department of Finance or ESDC/LMDC

A note on sources: The data comes from two public authorities: New York City Industrial Development Agency and the Empire State Development Corporation and its subsidiary the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation (the LMDC was created in the wake of the September 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center). The LMDC data was obtained through Freedom of Information Law requests. As of April 2013, we also have included recipients of the Industrial and Commercial Incentive Program, ICIP from fiscal year 2012. The ICIP data was also obtained through FOIL requests to the New York City Department of Finance.

The data for some IDA projects was manually entered into an Excel database by GJNY staff from Annual Projects Reports of the New York City Economic Development Corporation (now known as Local Law 62, and previously as Local Law 48 and Local Law 69) in some cases as far back from 2000. IDA data reflects only the amount of the city subsidy, but for some commercial firms that received more than $1million we include the value of state subsidies in the notes section. Reporting standards on IDA projects have changed dramatically over the past few years making public information on deals approved prior to 2001 unreliable; any data we have uncovered is in the notes section. We will update data when possible.

Please review our guide on how to use the database.

In accordance with Local Law 62, passed by the New York City Council in 2010, downloadable, company-specific spreadsheets of the data included in the EDC's Annual Projects Reports from fiscal years 2006-2013 are now available directly from the IDA's website. The reports cover all active subsidy deals and date back to the early 1980s and include projects financed through the Industrial Development Agency, the Capital Resource Corporation, and the BuildNYC Resource Corporation.

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