Fresh Direct Inc. f/k/a Gourmet Holdings, LLC

ID: 92407
Awarding Agency: IDA
Address: 23-30 Borden Avenue
Borough: Queens
Block: 68
Lot: 38
Subsidy Program: Industrial Incentive
Start Date: 12/08/1999
End Date: 06/30/2025
Jobs at the start of the deal: 0
Jobs projected: 160
Current jobs FTE: 1403
Part-time permanent jobs: 24
Part-time temp. jobs: 0
Full-time permanent jobs: 1391
Full-time temp. jobs: 0
Contract employees: 0
Construction jobs: 0
Health Benefit full-time?: Y
Health Benefit part-time?: N
Percent of employees living in NYC: 92
Total value of subsidy: $5,052,528
Amount used to date: $3,346,643
Recapture amount: $0
Penalty: 0.00
Bond Issuance: $0
Value of Energy Benefit FY 11: $88,949.00
REAP FY 11: $0.00
CEP FY 11: $0.00


Read more about Fresh Direct's attempts to relocate to the South Bronx with additional subsidies from the NYC Industrial Development Agency: Fresh Direct Spurs Border War with New Jersey