JetBlue Airways Corporation #2 (2010)

ID: 93449
Awarding Agency: IDA
Address: 27-01 Queens Plaza North
Borough: Queens
Block: 416
Lot: 10
Subsidy Program: Commercial Growth Project
Start Date: 11/18/2010
End Date: 06/30/2023
Jobs at the start of the deal: 880
Jobs projected: 70
Current jobs FTE: 1322
Part-time permanent jobs: 1
Part-time temp. jobs: 1
Full-time permanent jobs: 1390
Full-time temp. jobs: 47
Contract employees: 75
Construction jobs: 0
Health Benefit full-time?: Y
Health Benefit part-time?: N
Percent of employees living in NYC: 41
Total value of subsidy: $14,000,000
Amount used to date: $785,990
Recapture amount: $0
Penalty: 0.00
Bond Issuance: $0
Value of Energy Benefit FY 11: $0.00
REAP FY 11: $0.00
CEP FY 11: $0.00


April 2013: New York State Empire State Development Corporation Board of Directors approved a $6 million grant in connection with the company's newly constructed headquarters in Long Island City, Queens.
May 6, 2010: Good Jobs New York testified on a proposed subsidy package for JetBlue at the IDA hearing. Read the testimony.
April 2010: After striking a deal on a lucrative subsidy package with New York City and State, JetBlue Airways Corporation has announced that it will remain in New York rather than relocate its headquarters to Orlando.?