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Community Benefits Agreements

A Community Benefit Agreement (CBA) is a legally binding contract negotiated between a developer and a coalition representing broad spectrum of community members impacted by the development. In exchange for community members' support for the project, the developer agrees to provide certain benefits.


Brooklyn Atlantic Yards/Nets Barclay's Arena

Forest City Ratner's plan to bring the New Jersey Nets basketball team to a new stadium in Brooklyn has been hotly contested since its announcement in 2004. The multi-billion project, when first envisioned, included a basketball arena for the New York Nets and several high-rise buildings for residential and commercial use. To win support from some groups, the developer promised a significant number of affordable housing units and local consrtuction jobs. But those promises did little to calm residents angered by New York State's use of eminent domain and the massive scale of the project on the surrounding Prospect Heights neighborhood.

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